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imageWelcome To Khyng-Jayden Productions Online

When people are searching for the best in music production, they come to us.

Khyng-Jayden Productions was founded August 21, 2001, when founder/ music producer, SuperStar Kay began making music just for a pastime, after discovering the true passion he had for music, his hobby then became his career.

KJP’s signature sound of heavy snares, as well as mellow tunes can be distinguished in the selection of over 8,000 instrumentals archived for those who may appreciate many varieties. Our sounds are unique, in that we take into heavy consideration, originality and versatility. Khyng-Jayden Productions specialize in Hip-Hop/R&B hits… However, the sky is the limit as our works include multiple genres such as Grime, Pop, Neo-Soul, Rock, Gospel, and Alternative Music. Nothing stays in a four-sided box with us. We will also customize our beats to fit your sound.

SuperStar Kay is infamously known for topping the charts on the popular website “SoundClick” for his hit “Drink In My Hand”, and has worked with a wide range of artists as well as companies circling the globe. Influenced by the likes and respect for all music producers and artists, we find that music unifies across all differences. Khyng-Jayden Productions stands out as the best due to our variety in clientele. Prior works include: Slip N’ Slide Records, Ca$hino, Southside Jones, Jimbo Louisiana, D.N.A., Dolla One, and many more. Khyng-Jayden Productions is a highly respected business that frequently receives positive feedback from those who have a true dedicated passion for music.

So, whether you’re looking for music to enhance a website, mix-tape, album, video, or commercial, we have you covered. Stay tuned, vibing with the best hits as Khyng-Jayden’s upcoming mix-tape entitled “SkyWalkers” is set to be released shortly.
Mix-tapes can be downloaded ***FREE*** and can be used in any non-profit projects.

  • Good Korner Musiq Interview

    bloggerSuperStar Kay speaks to a representative from Good Korner Musiq to discuss his views on Hip-Hop, Thoughts on signing the company to a Production/Record deal & Artists he’d like to see his company work with in the future. He also takes a minute to give advice to up & coming producers looking to find their way. Click Read More to check out the entire interview.

  • Still Awake (Webisodes)

    Ustream_LogoStill Awake (Webisodes)
    Every Friday Night
    We discuss the business side of music. Uncensored.
    (Watch Here…)

  • The ‘In Broad Daylight’ Tour

    inbroaddaylightThe ‘In Broad Daylight’ Tour – 9.21.2014
    20 Cities around the US.
    Helping artists by working in studio with them first hand on building the perfect projects for summer.
    We’ll have studio equipment on hand¬†& be shooting plenty of video & taking pictures to show everything going on.

    More details to come.